Cinematic vs. Documentary Wedding Video

There are two main types of wedding film styles: cinematic and documentary. It is important for you to express what you envision for your wedding video when speaking to potential videographers because each has their own unique style of shooting. We’ve included some of the main differences below to help you make your decision. Keep these in mind when viewing videographer samples so you can point out aspects you particularly like or dislike in wedding video examples you’ve seen. Also bookmark video samples you like to share with potential videographers to give them a better idea of what you are looking for. Cinematic: thoughtfully framed, dramatic lighting, staged scenes, produced  Cinematic Wedding Videos are highly edited and produced films intended to tell a story, just like most movies you would watch in a movie theater. They are usually story-boarded with specific scenes in mind to create a specific narrative and mood. They can be dramatic, playful, whimsical, suspensefu
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